Backyard Farms

Backyard Farms is a unique farm model that encompasses a network of small farm plots including urban farming throughout the City of Las Cruces and more traditional farm plots across Doña Ana County in southern New Mexico to produce healthy local food.

Following A Great Farming Tradition

Our home in the Mesilla Valley has a long rich agricultural history. The UTo-Aztecan language speakers first moved into the region from Mexico more than 2,500 years ago, and predominantly farmed maize (corn), and the Mogollon culture later was known for the cultivating the “Three Sister” crops (corn, squash and beans) in the region1. Upon the arrival of the Spanish, Franciscan friar, García de Zuñiga, and Capuchin monk, Antonio Arteaga, planted the first wineries in 1629.

Agriculture is still important in New Mexico, with excess of $3.3 billion in revenue in 2007. With more than 180 frost free days in the Mesilla Valley, we are happy to help continue this farming tradition in southern New Mexico for a new generation.

Local Produce

Backyard Farms grows a variety of premium quality fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with livestock. We follow the principals of organic farming and sustainable agriculture. Our premium Pet Grass is currently available at the Las Cruces Pets Barn store.  This year’s produce harvest will be available for purchase late summer/early fall at the Las Cruces’ Farmers & Craft Market,  La Semilla Food Center, and the Farm Fresh Mobile Market.

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